Evolutions law


                           Dismantle and destroy terrorism, “Using GIANT-STEPS! 

Step 1:  How did we Evolve?  Well,  “from little things BIG things grow;”  My name’s Kevin Edwards.  Today they call me a cowboy, but yesterday in Australia, “they called me a ringer;”  means, most of my life I’ve mustered Cattle with true-grit, in the north, south’ east’ and western parts of Queensland;  at night-time I would look up at the stars with great amazement, and excitement in wondering how that all came-to-be;  “as my life-journey continued I asked many questions, receiving non-qualified answers.   So, “I got off me horse Trigger!  Because I believed my-god built Earth in 6-days;  “wanting an answer,”  I went to my religious god-preacher an said, G’day-mate, listen;  “physically,” how did my-god build Earth in 6-days?  Well!  He just looked at me, saying “never question GOD;”  I said which god, “my-god?  He said yes, and I can’t answer that question.  Letter to Mum:  Our religious god-preacher doesn’t know how our-god built Earth in 6-days.  Letter from Mum:  Our god-preacher said, { our-god only speaks to him, “not to us.”     Respecting myself as a quick-witted wise person, “with an urge to learn;”  I listened to experts in Science, who successfully Educated me about Biology, “Science of all life,” which stimulated to take GIANT-STEPS forward into the Stars, to learn and understand how (“The Big-Bang, EGG of ALL LIFE,”) created our Universe  13.8 Billion-years-ago, out of “The Big-Bang-matter!  Yes, 4.82 Billion-years-ago, Evolution began to create Earth.   3.95-Billion-years-ago, Evolution’s abiogenesis engineering genetic-code, created the first spark of life ‘Proton-Gradient’ the beginning of respiration, by assisting living-cells to take their first breath of oxygen, giving Science an insight into the origin of all life.   3.5 Billion-years-ago, Evolution created ‘Organic-Molecules’ building blocks of life, that life has Evolved by  ‘Natural-Selection’  into the energy of all consciousness we have on Earth today.      118 Elements created ALL Human-kind, “And! Everything we can see, touch and hear;  those Elements are created by exploding stars called ‘Supernovas.      Now we must be-giving ‘ALL’ religious god-preachers on Earth, their Scientific, “Human-evolution Education;”  Why?  Well,  these 40 Educational steps, “will answer that question.

Step 2:  Devotion. Our belief in caring for all Children, Evolves with Scientific-fact defended by legal Judgement;  Yes, the REAL-TRUTH for Humanity’s ‘JOURNEY’ has now been discovered;  But… “philosophy says the TRUTH will hurt!  Well, to experience the TRUTH ‘I present to you’ on behalf of Humanity’s Children, “grasp the respect you have for yourself and others;  then successfully read these 40 Educational steps;  “ARE YOU READY?  Human-conscience has been ‘Psycho Genetically changed’ going through the last 2,500-years;  means, our ‘brain’ has been FORCED to change in many different ways to believe in gods we cannot see, touch or hear;  achieved by religious-god-preachers preaching about their invisible-god in the sky;  that religious-practice, (is Artificial intelligence, illegally controlled by HYPNOSIS-PRAYER) which will destroy modern Homo-sapiens future on this Planet, “we all call Home!   So let’s listen and learn, “how Genetics,” changed the Human-anatomy over Millions-of-years;  “Then present that Scientific-knowledge to all Children.      Yes!  During the infinite of time the Law of Science, will legally give every Human their rights to proceed with medical-changes to their D.N.A. “ACGT concept Genome-setting;”  achieving one Cooperative Harmonious Culture on our Planet, the success and survival of Humanity    The never-lived GOD and his son, “jesus christ” who thieved 2-loaves of bread;  are verbally-injected into the Human brain “illegally” as LIVING-THINGS!  By using “hypnosis-prayer;”  Yes!  All GOD’S are Mythical-fantasy’s, designed by Human god-preachers over thousands-of-years.      Now Science guides us into the future, as we successfully think about our conscience, “CONSCIOUSNESS IS!  Teaching Scientific-fact about Human-evolution;  which will present Humanity a clean conscience, in becoming a component of everything we can see, touch and hear;  so please be kind to each-other, as we walk on sacred ground Earth, “Our Home!    

Step 3:  Enlightenment:  Come with me, and ‘Biology! Science of all life;  and we will discover how all god-preachers ‘destroy the TRUE meaning’ of a Child’s-life.  “I legally say,” only one Million-years-ago, did we believe in gods then ‘NO! And life has already been here for Billions-of-years;  “That’s not what my religious god-preacher told me when I was a little kid!  Let’s go back 500,000-years, did we believe in gods then ‘NO!  Come-on, we’re heading in the right direction;  100,000-years-ago, did we believe in gods then ‘NO! LOL!!!! “This is becoming unbelievable!  When are all these religious god-preachers going to arrive, “Won’t be long now;” 4,500-years-ago, did we believe in gods then ‘YES!  Sun gods, animals and Humans as gods;  Then Evolution moved forward to only 2,500-years-ago, and the Human-brain has Evolved into a good little computer;  now one small (group of religious-preachers) will attack and control ‘Human mental-thoughts, with the power of Suggestion, called “Brain-washing” illegally using hypnosis-prayer.  Sun gods, animals as gods, and Humans as gods, could be seen by the people who believed in those gods;  cleverly, those good-people were questioning the story’s that belong to those gods;  but at the same-time that small (group of religious-preachers) know they have to come up with a god in the sky, Humans cannot see, touch or hear;  they achieved that by preaching about their invisible-god in the sky, in the shape of, “Humans imagination!  That was the very first religious-cult, the beginning of ‘EVERY’ religious god-belief we have on Earth today.      Please remember, ‘ALL’ Children on Earth are born FREE of any kind of religious-god, or ‘hate’ in their minds;  means, the honesty in every Human-being speaking the Scientific-truth to their Children about Human-evolution, is the beginning of bringing peace to our World.

Step 4:  When I was 6-weeks-old, I was Forced to join a religion by a god-preacher controlling the minds of my Parents, illegally using artificial induced hypnosis-prayer, religious-laws and rituals, involving (the obstruction of Justice) that unforgivable practice forced me, to FEAR the word GOD, “AS IF IT IS A LIVING-THING!  Causing mental suffering through my life-journey, “but now I’m happy!  Legally Educated about Human-evolution, understanding the Scientific Proof and Facts of ‘ALL’ Creation;  Of-cause, all Governments now have the legal-rights to STOP’ religious god-preachers from indoctrinating, by teaching young Children to believe in their GOD, “when they use,” hypnosis-prayer, religious-laws and rituals;  because, those young Children can-not speak for, or defend themselves in any way, and will be FORCED to join a religion to believe in “their GOD” as a LIVING-THING!  That is FRAUD, combined with (Artificial Intelligence.)    Facts about ‘118 Elements’ in the Human-evolution book of knowledge, tells-us, the power of Evolution Created ‘All-of-us, and!  Everything we can see touch an hear;  making all-of-us, “a part of our Universe,” giving us enormous-strength in our Heart and mind by the calming-gift of truth, telling us how we Evolved; which helps us to become successful in creating everything we wish to achieve;  “Makes it ‘vitally’ important,” for all-of-us ‘to confirm;  Evidence about Human-evolution “Will NEVER LIE” to Modern-children, about anatomical changes to their body organisms over millions of years, the evolutionary process that created all Human-kind.

Step 5: All religious-laws, “are still illegally used today,” helping ‘ALL’ religious god-preachers to mentally lead us into a supernatural non-existence, by illegally using “hypnosis-prayer,” to magically manufacture the never-living image of their “gods” into LIVING-THINGS, “FRAUD” to collect protection-money (that is mafia’s)  Yes! Human intelligence supply’s energy to fuel the engine that drives Evolution “The Eternal Power of Truth;”  So let’s Educate all religious god-preachers as we Evolve forward, on our true-journey to enjoy the fun an happiness as it blooms for all Children, no-longer having to believe, have faith, and defend the word god, “as if it is a LIVING-THING!  Creating extremism.      Power of Intelligence in all ‘Civilized Educated Society’s agree;  “WE WILL” Scientifically Educate ‘ALL’ religious god-preachers about Human-evolution;  a small step for Peace, creating ‘GIANT-STEPS’ for Human-kind, “bringing peace to our World.

Step 6: On the table of (100%) 30% of people’s, 46% of Politicians, and 100% of god-preachers ‘are the 27% of misled people, “Refuse!  To help Educate ALL Children about Human-evolution;  “Why doesn’t that add-up?  Well, I will truly answer that question for you:  30% of people’s, 46% of Politicians, and 100% of god-preachers ‘hide’ the evidence about Human-evolution from ‘ALL’ Children;  But… out of (100%) the 27% of misled people’ are guilty of terrorism, or promoting terrorism;  leaving 73%, or 5.2 Billion good-People no our Planet ‘Politically standing-up’ converging into the greatest movement of Human-energy; powering-up, “the Human-evolution Education Law” (for all religious god-preachers)  “Adds-up!  Yes, our Scientific passage identified ‘all gods’ have never-ever had any value for Human-survival;  But ‘Step 20: (The Human-evolution Educate Law) will survive forever, safely guarding ALL Children into tomorrow and beyond.

Step 7: The word ‘GOD’ was freely used in the year 336 A.D. where Roman, Druids, Celtic, and middle-east-tribes, began to turn tribal-groups into religious-groups, by practicing witchcraft and sorcery as religious-rituals, “to celebrate christmas;”  but confused about the chemistry-makeup of the Human-anatomy, “they created these invisible-gods,”  mythically creating all Human-kind.        Now the Scientific Educated-people are using their Human intelligence’s, “to unselfishly help Educate,” misled people. 

Step 8:  Hypnosis-prayer:  ( 9/11 ) was caused by religious god-preachers ‘stupefying’ Children into terrorism over a long period of time, using “Artificial Intelligence;” saying, create your prayer posture as you gently close your eyes (now we will pray) to the word, “GOD!  Yes, they will pray again, and again;    Means, the more we pray the more extreme we become.      Now! Democracy will use ‘experts in Science’ to stop all religious god-preachers from using, “HYPNOSIS-PRAYER.      Extremism:  1. Give money to your religion, or don’t go to heaven;  2. “If others don’t kill non-believers,” there will be no virgins waiting for ‘them’ when they get to heaven;  “they are the unknown threats of darkness.”      People now believe their god is a mythical-fantasy, “mentally FEARING!  Their Family and Friends will no-longer LOVE them, that god-environment was created by “Artificial Intelligence;”  do you remember this god-environment, “When the POPE said ‘the DEVIL! Forced god-preachers to sexually abuse the Children;  of-cause, “the POPE is a god-preacher talking to the DEVIL! Together allowing the Children to be sexually ABUSED;  “that is a crime,” to be legally challenged.      Wishing to Educate your Child with the gift of honesty;  “Open the ‘real’ HUMAN-EVOLUTION-BOOK of knowledge,” then your Family will automatically become a  part-of  our  Universe, “Respected and LOVED by everyone,” igniting great excitement in your Family knowing who you are, and how you Evolved.      Comfortably, all people are now questioning the religious god-environment they live in ‘Scientifically!  “What is god? If you believe your god as a LIVING-THING, approach your god and get a D.N.A. Sample, “That is not a joke,” that is the only-way to know, if your god excess!  But if any person says, I have a D.N.A. Sample from god, jesus’ allah’ moses’ or mohammad, etc.  There will be a TERRORIST-Detention-center, waiting for that person.

Step 9:  Intelligence: Some Countries are now Educating religious god-preachers about the constructive power of Human-evolution, “Helping them to understand how they Evolved;”  teaching them they are a burden on all Tax-Payers, financially and criminally nonviable for Humanity’s future.       religious god-preachers are now a threat to national security;  because they freely use taxpayers-money to preach the religious-word ‘GOD, “as a LIVING-THING;”  that practice has led Humanity onto a ‘Dangerous-Direction!  Created by ancient Roman-Democracy, having to work with “mafia-ism,” firmly encouraging god-preachers and their followers to financially donate, and vote for, “that Political Party?  Yes!  All Democracy’s still ‘fraudly protect’ the religious-word ‘GOD’ to be illegally preached by deception, “As a LIVING-THING, for MONEY!  That ‘Political religious practice” will destroy freedom of speech, and amalgamate Democracy with communism.

Step 10: HYPNOSIS-PRAYER, communism and religious-laws evolved together “destroying Political-Freedom,” by radicalizing a Child’s DNA Genome status of belonging, from the day of ‘Birth;  that has-been “Scientifically proven Genetically.   Yes! Middle-east and third-world god-preachers, “with no Scientific evidence,” illegally preach, a god built our Planet in 6 days;  “that is a disgrace, to the Educated Human-race;  because, modern-people who were ‘FORCED’ to have faith in-a-god, now question!  Why do we carry-on with all types of weird witchcraft religious-rituals, when our religious-preacher mentions the word, “GOD!  YES, I HAVE BEEN THERE;  and we also believed in the most unbelievable religious mythical-stories in all religious-books;  those books continue to lie, hide, and destroy the ‘evidence’ about how we Evolved.

Step 11: Let’s defend all young Child from an artificially induced condition, “hypnosis-prayer;”  by legally Educating all god-preachers who force the religious-word ‘GOD’ as a LIVING-THING “for MONEY!  A’Scientific Yes, because that practice is now legally recognized as ‘FRAUD by DECEPTION;  before, during, and after the fact of matter, in every-way shape and form, to financially benefit their Organization, Association etc. “Must change!  Or this Democratic incorporation “will-sue” the biggest god-religious for Billions of dollars to help feed, Educate, and defend all new-born Children from, “religious FRAUD;”  of-cause, the god-preacher from that religion must now use ‘Scientific Chemistry’ to legally bring GOD forth, “In a mass substance of flesh,” for ‘ALL’ Human-kind to see, touch and hear;  if the religious god-preacher cannot achieve that, then her or him will be found ‘guilty’ of “FRAUD by DECEPTION!.

Step 12: Unknown to most of us;  religious god-preachers are employed by Governments, and financially paid with tax-payers money, “To preach sinful-lies!.      Battles won.  Then god-preachers from all religions over thousands of years, used hypnosis-prayer on the defeated;  by speaking gently. Come forth an pray, “to our-god;”  Yes, they still preach the word ‘god’ as a LIVING-THING, and Humans never Evolved.      Now we look forward to a “Government employed god-preacher” from any religion on Earth, “to Scientifically prove,” these myths now known as ‘LIES’ preached inside religious-buildings and elsewhere ‘EXIST!  1: god’s live somewhere in the sky, A’LIE!  2: jesus christ the son of a god lived, A’LIE!  3: adam and eve first Humans on Earth, A’LIE!  4: heaven is in the sky, A’LIE!  5: A devil with ‘hell and fire’ underground, A’LIE!  Psychology:  religious god-preachers will use HYPNOSIS, or psychedelic-medication;  hypocritically inducing People to believe in “their-god” as a LIVING-THING!  That’s A.I. ‘FRAUD’ and plus.

Step 13: Democratize voting will survive for a long, “Long period of time;”  but, Democratized women and men Politicians are there for a SHORT! “Period of time,” telling us we-must-not-mix, god-religions with Politics;  Well!  Uneducated Politicians speak these religious-words;  “god made me,” then recite the lord’s-prayer for the opening of Parliament, “Abandoning the Scientific state and quality of being real;”  those religious-words were spoken in the dark-ages, 2,000-years-ago;  speaking those religious words holding any type of religious god-book, in today’s model, of an Educated Democratic Public-domain is, “ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN!!  Because those Politicians use “our” Public-domain to win the religious-vote;  not thinking about the ‘purpose’ to create the greater-good, they allow all god-preachers to use ‘hypnosis-prayer’ which destroys our Children’s Evolution true-life-journey, and their mind generating power to learn the truth, “about how they Evolved!  That ‘Political religious practice’ has been mentally-inflicted on all parents since religion began, religiously indoctrinating that Family to believe in  ‘their-god’  as a LIVING-THING , “that is “Artificial-intelligence,” religiously and mentally controlling that family;  Yes, that has also been Scientifically proven genetically;  So just how WRONG, or FORGIVING are we.      Remember!  ALL Children are born FREE of any kind of religious-god, or ‘hate’ in their minds, “Hoping with young tears,” their parents will help Educate them to grasp the excitement in the true stories, about the great adventures of Human-evolution;  that Education act would be Human kindness, “Creating peace on Earth.

Step 14:  Sinfully-lying;  is used by religious god-preachers to protect them from exposure, when they LIE!  Saying, “god spoke to me;” now they must have a Scientific proven image of ‘god’ speaking to him, or her;  because that has also been Scientifically proven, all god-preachers LIE!  Saying, “god spoke to me,” which is extremism, encouraging any person to break the law of our Land, and preach those lying-words to collect ‘PROTECTION-MONEY!  “That is mafia-ism,” committing a criminal act, called, “FRAUD by DECEPTION!  Now Politically and Legally as we Evolve “we-will” stop religious-preachers from preaching the word ‘god’ as a LIVING-THING!  Which creates extremism;  Yes, Policing ‘innocent-person’s-lives’ in the future;  means, any election-candidate at all levels of Government, believing the religious-word ‘god’ is a LIVING-THING, and Humans never Evolved, “will not be accepted;”  Because, that belief is now legally recognized as ‘EXTREMISM!   

Step 15:  Human development:  (Nuclear-Fusion is Clean-Energy) Scientifically engineered into Power, for the ultimate success and survival of Humanity;  yes! The Constructive power of our SUN is the greatest mass of power we have;  Scientifically we must financially embrace Nuclear-Fusion, to power our future for eternity, enhancing our capability to accomplish other energy’s;  that is an-example of our future.  “But this religious-practice is not.”  Using “HYPNOSIS-PRAYER,” on a Child in the early stages of the Child’s developing Brain, a religious-preacher will verbally-inject the word GOD, is a LIVING-THING, and Humans never Evolved, “Into the Child’s-brain;”  over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, again and again;  that religious-preacher will continue to ‘dismantle’ the Child’s-brain successfully!  Destroying the true meaning of that Child’s life-journey, this is caused by a ‘Psycho Genetic Condition’ mentally destroying that child’s-brain from thinking positively about Reality, Human-evolution, and COMMON-SENSE.      Parents preaching to their Child, “GOD made you,” are not Mother, or Father;  they are their god-preacher’s helper;  “Now that Child is an adult, and to dissolve that person’s belief in the word GOD, is nearly impossible;  because that  ‘person’  is now in an artificial induced mental condition  “illegally an mentally created,” and controlled by a god-preacher using hypnosis-prayer, with devastating accuracy for that person to become extreme “never” understanding the law of FREEDOM.      EDUCATION:  Science will make our Planet great again, by creating solidarity ‘Peace and Happiness’ into legal FREEDOM.

Step 16: How wonderful life would be if all Human-kind Scientifically understood the TRUE meaning of Death:   Illegally, religious god-preachers use mafia-ism by preaching ‘their god and heaven’ physically EXIST;  then take money from the people they preach sinful-lies-to, fraudly promising them, “Their invisible-god ‘will protect them, and their ‘invisible-heaven’ after Death;”  Blindly, misled people will never know if giving ‘protection-money’ to their religious god-preacher, “Was good value;”  Because at the end of their life-journey, “They will be DEAD!   Sadly, they never received the Scientific true-meaning, of their life-journey; but their Children “can-sue” their god-preacher in any “Educated” Court of Law, Scientifically and physically knowing, all gods and heaven have ‘never-ever’ EXISTED!.      Scientific-fact interrogates the arrogance detained in the ignorance of all god-preachers, about HYPNOSIS-PRAYER ‘Stupefying’ Children to believe.      Yes!  Every god-preacher must now preach, “Their god is a mythical fantasy;”  then their followers would no longer be ‘Obligated’ to the word god, “Uniting Humanity;”  Making TODAY’S god-preachers ‘HEROES’ becoming Public-figures, “earning ‘honest money’ this-time-forever!  By helping to Educate ‘ALL’ Children about Human-evolution;  “Otherwise!  Those god-preachers will be remembered as SINNERS!!  Lying to, and destroying the TRUE meaning of a Child’s life-journey.      Mafia-ism;  “Is also a political religious practice,” when a Politician porticoes a god-preacher who is criminally using, “FRAUD by DECEPTION” to preach the word ‘god’ as a LIVING-THING, “for MONEY!. 

Step 17: I believed in my religious-laws when I was 13-years-old;  that’s when I started to question, “What is god,” “Where it came from,” and “What is it made out-off!  Well, 61-years of Research later, I’m now 74-years-old, Educated and excited in knowing what all god’s are, “HYPNOSIS-PRAYER!  Verbally injecting the word GOD into the Human-brain illegally ‘Brain-washing’ their minds from the day of birth with the word, “GOD” (that’s how all god’s came-to-be) and god-preachers ‘Violently stopped Science from evolving, to receive “MONEY and POWER!  But… If Science had received that money, ‘ALL’ Human-kind would be mentally much further advanced, than we are today.      Rapidly, all Civilized Educated Societies around our world are now embracing this very important word, {HUMAN-EVOLUTION}  Science:  We are becoming Educated knowing we are all a part-of, and belong to our Universe, created by a part-of 118 Elements that created everything, called’ “Star-Dust:”  Thought discovery;  All of us are going on this, (after-life journey)  “Star-Dust,”  will leave our body-ash whilst sparks are burning, returning to the Stars;  means ‘the sequence’ of our D.N.A. Genome, “can-not be destroyed;”  Yes!  We will live-again during the infinite of time ‘in the form of Human-life’ on a Planet somewhere in our Universe, “OUR NEW HOME!  Please, don’t fear natural death.      When my life-journey is coming to the end, I will feel very strong and proud to have had the privilege, to share my life-journey on Earth with Billions of good-people around me.

Step 18:  This suitably moment of Human-evolution is building a solid-foundation, for experts in Science to Educate all religious god-preachers about Human-evolution; which will stop the destruction of Human-lives, created by uneducated religious god-preaches, “NOT by THE-GOOD-PEOPLE” who believe in a god;  because, their conscience has been illegally ‘stupefied, by “HYPNOSIS-PRAYER” verbally-injecting the word ‘GOD’ into their Brain, “as if it is a LIVING-THING!.      As life Evolves we will all learn to understand the constructive power of Evolution created ‘ALL-of-us;  sadly, “During that time my life-journey on Earth will end;  but graciously, the people who don’t believe in a god, and the people who do believe in a god’ are “The-Good-People! Converging into one Human-mass, by Educating all religious god-preachers about Human-evolution;  aware-of!  god-preachers no longer have their self-claimed names, and their self-claimed institutional authority, they’ve had for thousands-of-years;  Yes, 54% of politicians understand, if god-preachers continue to use “Artificial-intelligence,” to preach sinful-lies, is ‘Politically’ helping the Evolution-wheel of Justice turn, Judge, and find every religious god-preacher ‘guilty’ of unforgivable SIN!  Now we must elect ‘that Political-intelligence’ to help Educate all god-preachers about, “Human-evolution.

Step 19:  religions god-preachers have always, “SEPARATED Humanity into different GROUPS of people;” by forcing me to believe in, “that god!  And you believe in, “another god?  Does that mean I’m RIGHT, and you’re WRONG, NO!  “Of cause not;” but that’s where all the hate, violence, and wars Evolved from.      Politicians, some School-Teachers, and all religious god-preachers, are REFUSING to give all Children their Human-volution Education rights;  Yes! “People-Power appreciate TRUTH,” and proudly promote this law  ‘to-be-placed-in’  all Constitutions ‘After Deliberation: { Parents love for their Children, or Child, will be legally protected from terrorism by ‘Step 20: Education Law, H-E.E.L. when presenting their Children, or Child to School, to receive the Scientific Proof and Facts about Human-evolution;  from the first year of Schooling, “In every culture! }   That legal process will be one of the most important commitments Human-kind has ever made during the entire journey of Human-evolution;  because, all parents know their responsibility comes with great-honor, Love and Happiness, to Scientifically and respectfully Educate their Children about Human-evolution, which will bring ‘ALL’ Human-kind together;  (think about that, “It is that simple!)

Step 20:  We all Love to be loved to live:  Humanity’s greatest commitment is the process in our conviction to Educate all Children about, “Human-evolution.      Humanity holding a referendum;  (vote YES, Human-evolution Education)  (vote NO, Human-evolution Education)  The ‘YES vote’ would successfully defend all Children’s-Rights to receive Human-evolution Education, by around  73%  to  27%;  then your Parliament would Politically and Legally ‘debate’ this Education Bill, to be placed in your Constitution;  Politically giving building-strength to your Government when using, “the Universal Law of Evolution;”  Yes!  It is easier to rule with an up-to-date (Educated Democracy) using ‘the Universal Law of Evolution, “ONE LAW FOR ALL.”  EDUCATION BILL:  Your Federal Education Law, to be amended.  { Section 1:  Introduce one Subject ( Human-evolution ) Compassionately designed by “experts in science,” especially Biology “Science of all life,” which will present;  a high-quality early Childhood Education to all Students, on their journey through School, into University.  Section 2:  Introduce one ( H-E.E.L. / HUMAN-EVOLUTION EDUCATION LAW ) holding authority over a (Compulsory Separate Curriculum) in grades 1 to 12, for all students in all cultures to receive the Scientific Proven-Facts about, “Human-evolution.”  Section 3:  Introduce (the Human-evolution book of knowledge) to all Students; means, Teaching or preaching ‘god’ is a LIVING-THING, and Humans never Evolved;  will be banned from ‘All School-cultures, other buildings and elsewhere. Now mentally, Press Fast Forward,” and enjoy the Scientific Proven-facts on the  BIG-SCREEN  in the sky;  yes!  We are all bound to go forward Scientifically, and Legally protected by a moral-code, “governed by the H-E.E.L.”   So let’s remember our belief in caring for all Children, as they become excited in going to School ‘having pleasurable anticipation’ to be Education about how they Evolved over Millions of years.     Yes! The H-E.E.L. will give all Children respect and confidence in them-selves, as we Educate all religious god-preachers to Evolve forward, “into today’s modern Scientific-age.

Step 21:  Human D.N.A. Sexual Organs ‘Urge all of us with ‘different’ Psycho-genetic energy.  And having ‘FAITH’ in a god;  means, your god does-not exist, “But you ‘THINK’ it does;”  There-fore, we must ‘Scientifically’ question our FAITH in our belief;  otherwise, our belief in our FAITH’ will have no address;  But if you are willing, to participate in Education about Human-evolution, your greatness would belong to this address!  Planet Earth, Milky-way Galaxy, Cosmos.      Yes, preachers still preach a god built Earth on the evening of the 22nd day of October, 4,004 BC;  but in the 15th Century they removed that date from the bible, and placed it in the book of genesis.      TODAY’S uneducated religious-preachers are humiliating themselves, by seriously preaching their invisible-god in the sky, built our-planet in 6 days, “Then rested for 24-hrs!  That belief is enhancing our intelligence to ‘dismiss’ all religious god-story’s, giving all Human-beings characteristic and legal confidence, that All-gods, Wonder-woman’ jesus’ Spider-man’ buddhism’ Ruben-hood’ hinduism’ moses’ muhammad, Vampires and Ghosts etc.  “Are Mythical-figures!  Means, all religious god-books are ‘COMICS’ published thousands of-years-ago.      Yes!  Any type of religious god-preacher with a Brain-hacking intent on a person, will use hypnosis-prayer, to ‘stupefy’ that person’s belief in the word “GOD;”  Then mentally control that person’s mental-thoughts by using one of these words;  god, jesus, allah, “As a Trigger” to command that person to destroy innocent people’s lives, called, “Cowardice-Murder.”  So if a person becomes upset ‘when you say’ I don’t believe in any god, “Could be a TERRORIST!  Still 46% of Politicians are cowering to terrorism, by supporting every ‘god’ “Is a LIVING-THING! 

Step 22: Psychology:  “praying,” you are mentally talking to yourself, then “physically” nothing-else will happen;  only special “legal Educated Hypnotists” can change that.      quran, bible, with all the others tell similar mythical-stories, and one will be ‘FORCED’ on a Child, destroying that Child’s Right to learn the true-stories about “Human-evolution;”  and it is 100% Unconstitutional, for any governing democracy to financially fund religious ‘god-activities’ in any School-culture, using tax-payers money;  that money will easily-teach: {Reading’ Writing’ Arithmetic’ Human-evolution’ All sport activities, and nothing-else} That is advanced Education if organised correctly, managing the overworked teachers exhaustion-problem. “Contact me!

Step 23: Religiously focus:  What, where, and when, you CAN-NOT eat or drink, etc. etc. etc. etc. is, “Stupidity overruling ‘COMMON-SENSE!  Those ANCIENT out-of-date religious-rituals, “will in many-ways,” destroy all Children’s creative mental-thoughts about reality going forward with Human-evolution.      Observation one:  The greatest ambition religious god-preachers have, is to survive, “by stopping!  All Children from ATTENDING Education lessons about the Scientific Proven-facts of Human-evolution, in ‘EVERY’ School-culture on Earth!  That religious-practice “Is the BIRTH of TERRORISM.      Hypnosis-prayer is a crime, criminally sued by religious god-preachers, “which creates extremism into terrorism, then refugees, after praying to their ‘invisible-god’ in the sky;  religious god-preachers should now pay restitution for the Billions of money’s they’ve taken from those refugees.      Having on shame, religious god-preachers will use TERRORISM on happy and honest ‘hard-working-people’ who achieved Peace, by using, “the Universal law of Evolution” to appreciate Books, Art, Music, Parties, Song and dance, even Love!  Yes, Scientific-fact will Educate all religious god-preachers about;  “every god and all apostles,” lead no type of living existence.

Step 24: All god-religions have their own (home-made ANCIENT religious-laws) means, if a preacher from their religion, sexually abused a child, or commits any other criminal act;  these crimes will be dealt with by their own (home-made ANCIENT religious-laws) in many Countries and states around our World;  that practice is 100% Unconstitutional, and should ‘never’ be allowed to happen in any Democracy;  “Where is Justice?  Democracy LIES to all Children, by allowing religious-preachers to preach the religious-word ‘GOD’ to those Children, “As a  LIVING-THING.      If a god-preacher is criminally charge, and appears in any “Educated” High Court of Law;  will stand, holding her or his hand up, facing the palm of their hand towards the Bench, saying!  “I will tell the TRUTH the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH;”  Legally knowing, all religious god-books will no-longer be used to LIE’ and discriminate, about everything existing in, on, and beyond our Planet.      Now the Scientific-fact of all creation has reached-out an-touched ‘Civilized Educated societies, “To help Educate all religious-god-preachers;”  Yes, we the people on our Planet are rapidly embracing Human-evolution the stairway to happiness, and we all agree, “EVOLUTION” will never LIE!  “To our Children.”  Sorry for repeating some words again, again and again;  BUT.. We must Scientifically question again and again, our responsibility towards all Children of tomorrow, and their Children’s, Children;  those Children will congratulate Science for allowing them to speak the TRUTH.  “Please support Humanity’s Children.

Step 25: religious god-preacher pay no tax!  Then encourage the people they ‘mentally-control, “To have as many children as they can;”  then one religion will have more people, money and power, than other religions down the road;  “That’s only breeding ‘hate’ between religions!  Yes, those god-preachers have ‘Brain-Washed’ too many people, and they’ve created a BIG problem;  the people they LIE-TO, and ‘take’ MONEY-FROM, have run out of ‘FOOD!  Now those religious god-preachers will not use that money they’ve taken, to help feed those hungry-people;  So, who will feed those hungry-people who believe in the word ‘GOD;  their preacher, their religion, their god, NO!  The involvement of hard working TAX-PAYERS, will now protect and feed those hungry-people;  Yes, we are all born Children of our Universe becoming obvious;  tax-payers ‘WILL NOT’ be able to protect and feed the growing amount of hungry-people, and Millions will starve to death.      Save Human lives using birth-control:  The elected authority in all Democratic and Communist Countries and States, must now come together a develop ( W.W.B.C. / World Wide Birth Control )

Step 26:  “I legally say;”  preachers from any type of religious-group, illegally preaching their GOD, “Is a LIVING-THING;”  then accepted moneys, food, property, land, goods an chattels, “From a person, etc.” or any person working for, or donating their time to any type of religious-group, illegally preaching their GOD, “Is a LIVING-THING;”  and sold a symbol, icon, charm, trinket, religious-book, crucifix, or any other religious-item, “To a person, etc.”  All those transactions are linked to the word ‘GOD!  Before, during, and after the fact of matter, in every-way shape and form;  clearly making all those transactions for ever-more, a criminal act, called ‘FRAUD by DECEPTION.      Now!  Democracy can Scientifically make this proposed Federal legislation into law:  {Constitution amendment Bill: Before!  Any legal constitutional Democratic religious-ritual take’s place, in any religious-building or elsewhere;  The preacher from that religion must now have “Scientific chemistry evidence” to present to an “Educated” Democratic High Court of Law;  this GOD ‘the father of  jesus-christ’ is a LIVING-THING, and created everything her or him will preach inside their religious-building and elsewhere;  “to legally obtain,” one religious preaching-permit. }  So, if you believe your ‘god’ is a LIVING-THING, and built Earth in 6-days;  “Sorry with sadness,” hypnosis-prayer, separated you to hold extreme religious views.  BUT!  Helps Science to recognize ‘Enormous-strength’ in every Human-culture together as one, “IS OUR FUTURE;”  Yes!  Our Evolving-love for all Humanity’s Children grows stronger, as Human-evolution defends them with the power of Human-evolution Education “One Democratic-law for all;”  which will also Scientifically Educate all religious god-preachers about our beautiful Blue-Planet, “we all call Home.

Step 27: At 13-years-old hypnosis-prayer had convinced me, “my-god was something living in the sky!  Yes, my god-preacher did, and many other types of religious god-preachers, will preach these intimidating threats, “defend your religious-laws;” or you will be sent to hell, and burn in hell, etc. etc. etc. that is TERRORISM, breaking the law of our land, “Destroying innocent Children’s lives!  Those intimidating threats were the reasons I mentally suffered ‘As a Child;  because if I quested, “what is god,” I was called a SINNER!  So I cried-out for help;  then the loving-care and concern of Human-evolution, “Scientifically answered that question for me;  (Replacing easter)  with a 4-day ‘Family week-end, remembering the death and departure of our love-ones, as we joyfully view the night-sky, choosing and following a star where our love-ones DNA Star-Dust,  “will begin a new-life;”   Refer to ‘Step 17: Our after-life journey.     The festival of ‘LIFE’ held on the day of the Winter-Solstice;  “Big and little chocolate Dinosaur-eggs are needed here!  To be placed in the Dinosaur-nest at the end of a Child’s-bed overnight, as we shear Evolution-story’s with all Children, during and after the Festival of life < Refer to ‘Step 1: EGG of ALL LIFE > as our Sun begins to grow into spring at different times around our World, breeding D.N.A. Truth and Happiness, on our beautiful Blue-Planet, “We All Call Home!!

Step 28: You are ‘NOT’ allowed to Scientifically question your religious-god, “That is an ideology.”  PROOF and FACTS in the LAW of Science, “Is ‘NOT’ an ideology,” which internally questioned, and found All religious-gods ‘guilty’  “NOT FACT.”      A Scientific FACT of THEORY means,  “known or observed,”  and the Proven knowledge in MODERN-EDUCATION about Human-evolution, will Globalize Humanity into one Culture;  “YES, THAT WILL HAPPEN;”  When religious god-preachers come forth to request forgiveness, in their understand they abused Humanity future;  “By illegally using Artificial Intelligence.

Step 29: Scientific Equality:  “WE WILL” help each-other Unite ALL Human-kind, Okay;  now we have a BIG job in front of us.  First, ‘ALL’ god-preachers on Earth today, and forever-after;  will be Educated with an up-to-date “Separate curriculum,” about the Scientific Proof and Facts of Human-evolution, “In EVERY Culture on Earth;”  only taking ‘one-generation’ for all Human-kind to be United, traveling on the same journey of adventure.      Modern-parents with a successful aim, are helping to Educate their Children, “to experience the Scientific evidence about how they Evolved, “which is extremely important;”  because, that Education will protect their Children, and their Children’s, Children;  meaning, those Children will never leave their loving-home to fight for any religion, and travel the World religiously killing innocent people with, “GOD’S BLESSING!  Yes, Human-evolution Education explains “we no-longer live in a mythical world.      Thousands-of-years-ago;  dark-magic, witchcraft, sorcery, smoke and water-rituals with blessings!  Was, “forbidden matter;”  used by all god-preachers then, and still illegally used by all religious god-preachers today;  “Come-onnn!  Let’s get Educated at the Scientific School of TRUTH.

Step 30: Extremism, HYPNOSIS-PRAYER:  Why are ALL Children in ALL religious-family’s ‘Not allowed’ to visit MODERN EDUCATION ‘to listen and learn, “Scientific-fact about Human-evolution?  Another question;  TERRORISTS say they have ‘gods-blessing’ to kill innocent people,  and GOVERNMENTS say they have ‘gods-blessing’ to use military force to attack TERRORISM;  will both parties kill innocent people with ‘GODS-BLESSING?  Yes or no:  Please DO-NOT forget!  All Children are born FREE of any kind of religious-god, or ‘hate’ in their minds;  remember!  god-preachers during the past 2,500-years, FORCED young Children as they grew-up, to “DEFEND” the religious-word “GOD” as if it is a LIVING-THING!.

Step 31: Do you remember ‘Charles Darwin?  Well, let’s remember the greatness of the Politician who stood-up with this BILL;  speaking strongly!  Requesting financial and qualified resources, to compulsory Educate all Children in all Cultures about Human-evolution;  saying, Earth will become the biggest killing field, if we continue to allow ‘all-gods’ to be illegally preached, “As LIVING-THINGS!  That Political practice, will supply more ammunition to kill innocent-people;  “Which Politician stood-up!!?  Yes, Legal interrogation about ‘Human-evolution’ has been successfully answered with Scientific evidence;  means, the Human-evolution Education Law, “Will! DESTROY TERRORISM.

Step 32:  Now Scientifically recognized;  our Sun has been the creator of all life on Earth over the last 3.95 Billion-years:  Akhenaten’s Sun god, has always been the only TRUE belief in creating life;  Means, our Sun has always been there Creating life before and during the entire journey of Human-evolution.      Scientifically, did Akhenaten know how important our Sun is for ALL life on our Planet?  I think he definitely knew the constructive power of our Sun;  “He was the Pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty in Egypt.”  Akhenaten’s Dynasty was destroyed by rulers with different religious-beliefs, in the year 1,335 B.C. ‘More information.  Science:  B.C. stands for ‘Before Calendar’ A.D. stands for ‘After Deliberating’ the first day of the calendar, (designed by ‘Julius Caesar) So, “Please be TRUE to yourself,” question your religious god-preacher Scientifically, “how did ‘my-god’ build Earth in 6-days?  If your religious-god-preacher will-not, or pretends to answer your question ‘Scientifically!  You must still open, the Human-evolution-book of knowledge, on your ‘true-journey’ to explore the TRUTH.

Step 33:  Evolution, the Eternal Power of TRUTH;  has now internally identified every GOD is, and as a, “DELUSION, combined with ILLUSION;”  Yes, all ‘gods’ are MYTHICAL-FANTASY’S, artificially practiced in witchcraft an sorcery by illegally using HYPNOSIS-PRAYER “in all god-religions,” fraudly encouraging extremism into TERRORISM!  Judgement:  “Please be-standing,”  and face the TRUTH of EVIL;  all terrorists,  “guilty!  By  REFUSING in EVERY-WAY, to help Educate all Children about, “Human-evolution;”  they sleep restlessly with the smell of DEATH, and blood on their hands, by preaching the word “GOD” as a LIVING-THING, to destroy Science and promote terrorism.      All god-preachers use “hypnosis-prayer” to convince all Children to fear and defend the word ‘GOD’ as if it is a LIVING-THING;  Mentally forcing ‘terror’ on those Children as they grow up;  that is a FACT!  Because, “I was a Child terrorist,” SEPARATING Humanity into different GROUPS of people, by using “MY” religious-laws and rituals.      Education will stop, “hypnosis-prayer from dismantling a Child’s Brain;”  Action.  Educate all Humanity’s Children about, “the Universal Law of Evolution,” which will protect them on their true journey of consideration to help ‘ALL’ Human-kind discover, “We are important, and special.”

Step 34:  Military forces will ‘DISMANTLE TERRORISM’ for a short period of time.  DESTROY TERRORISM’ Educate every Child on Earth about, “HUMAN-EVOLUTION.” What created TERRORISM;  “hypnosis-prayer” creates Imaginative-power, to believe in the religious-word ‘GOD’ as if it is a LIVING-THING.  Artificial Intelligence:  religious god-preachers will ‘Unethically and illegally’ tell Children to pray to their god, as-if-it-is, “A  LIVING-THING!  Now those Children will pray, and mentally ‘LIE’ to them-self’s, creating ‘Self-Hypnosis.       Now we legally agree, praying is “hypnosis-prayer;”  Yes!  Tax-paid Politicians, allow all god-preachers to illegally use hypnosis-prayer in the middle of streets and Public places, having no respect for the immediate Public concern, and the laws of our land;  “praying is not a ‘NATURAL’ Human instinct,” becoming concerned.  We must now teach all religious god-preachers about, “the Scientific reality of true LOVE.      “A sickening thought;”  All ‘TERRORIST-GROUPS’ Refuse to help Educate ALL Children in ALL Cultures about Human-evolution;  means, any religious-preacher verbally preaching the word GOD ‘As a LIVING-THING; “REFUSING in any way,” to help Educate all Children about the Scientific Proof and Facts of Human-evolution;  ‘quote’  “Must be a TERRORIST!  If you wish to question that ‘quote’ ask any religious god-preacher this question;  “Should all Children in all Culture’s be Educated about the Scientific Proof and Facts of Human-evolution?  Of-cause, the answer will be ‘NO!  Making that religious god-preacher a TERRORIST;  now we understand legal-movement in modern Humans legalstrength, correctly creating Humanity’s future with ‘powerful-security’ as we advance forward to expose, this deadly ‘religious’ mental weapon, “HYPNOSIS-PRAYER!

Step 35: BARBARISM’ TERRORISM’ HYPNOSIS-PRAYER;  “will-never” Educated all Human-kind about (our Scientific D.N.A. Genome-setting) means, If Legal-action is taken by modern young Educated people, using the law of our land;  will present a religious god-preacher to an “Educated” Democratic High Court of Law, where legal proceedings against religious god-preachers, “Will begin,” and will continue in all civilized Educated Countries;  becoming first Countries to dissolve hypnosis-prayer, religious-laws and rituals;  achieving, “The Universal Law of Evolution,” ONE LAW FOR ALL.

Step 36:  The religious word Man-kind, has now been replaced with non-discriminating words;  Person, People, Humanity or Human-kind.      Politicians, all religious god-preachers, and 27% of School-Teachers, are still ‘REFUSING’ to give all Children their Human-evolution Education rights;  So let’s remember our belief in caring for all Children ‘Born today and forever-after, by Educating them about the Fun, Love, Peace and Happiness in the Scientific proof and facts of, “Human-evolution;”  only take ‘one-generation’ for all Human-kind to be United, “With ‘FOOD’ for all!  That means, Human-intelligence is defending all Children’s Education-rights;  successfully stopping hypnosis-prayer, by legally placing Human-evolution Teachers in EVERY School-Culture, to provide communication about Humanity, using a separate curriculum, designed with the Scientific evidences about, “How they Evolved;”  those Teaching-jobs will come with ‘Great-Pride.      Amending our Education Law, would be more important for Humanity than the creation of ‘Penicillin;  makes it extremely important to pass this ‘Education Bill’ Step 20, through all Parliaments, with our love, and caring thoughts for all Children to receive, their Human-evolution Education rights;  then we will have, “The true reason to declare!!!  The coming of Peace.

Step 37:  The ultimate survival of Humanity will explain;  the religious-stage of Artificial intelligence ended, and the Scientific-age of Human-evolution began, “presented to Humanity by the power of Human-evolution Education.     Now all god-religions are going on a dead end journey, stopped by a ‘HUGE Mythical stone-wall, built by religious-preachers, illegally preaching the word god as a  LIVING-THING;  and the only way through that stone-wall, “is a BIG double-gate;”  to open that gate you will have to open, “The Human-evolution book of knowledge,” then the gate will automatically open for the people learning to understand Human-evolution, seeing for the very first time the most beautiful sight they have ever seen,  “WOW!!!  The Wonder of our Universe,” with the magnificent constructive power of Evolution creating everything for everyone to see, touch and hear.

Step 38:  Saturnalia, was an ancient Roman festival in honour of the ‘Deity Saturn;  started and held on the 17th day of December 217-B.C. (Before Calendar) then the Saturnalia Festival expanded with the festivity of “joy and love,” through to the 23rd day of December every year, with Santa-Claus’ the jolly man delivering presents to all Children during the Saturnalia Festival.   On December 25th 336 A.D. (After Deliberating) first day of the Calendar, god-preachers at that time were illegally preaching about their invisible-god in the sky;  then illegally took Santa-Claus, Festivities, Love Peace and Happiness, from the “Saturnalia  Festival” and called it christmas, in honor of a person calming to be, “the son of a god,” later called jesus-christ;  that person was crucified for thieving two loaves of bread from the rich, then feed thousands of poor-people with those, “2-loaves-of-bread?  WELL!!   The Mythical being, and stories told about Ruben-hood an jesus-christ are the same, and people paid money to listen to those stories ‘A lonnnnggggggg time-ago.      Santa-Claus agrees with this decision,  “To dispose of,”  ‘ALL’ religious-stories told about easter, and christmas.

Step 39:  CHANGE HAS ARRIVED:  We celebrated the Saturnalia-Festival.  Then christmas?  Now Scientifically and ‘legally’ we see the brighter-light, in a “Supernova Star,” exporting elements to Earth creating ‘Life’ Love, Peace and Happiness, for ALL Human-kind to Celebrate Science, and “the birth of Human-evolution!  On the 25th day of December every year, in honor of “Charles Darwin,” called ‘Evolution-festival’ by giving thanks for our life-journey here on Earth, giving gifts to each-other;  “Santa-Claus extremely happy!  Placing presents for our Children under the Evolution-tree, with the bright-star of ‘Supernova’ placed on top of the Evolution-tree;  then we Celebrate through to the thirty-first-Day of December at midnight, to Enjoy the beginning of a new-year at different times around our World;  always the number (1) resolution is caring for, and helping each-other;  so when you see the exploding fire-works in the sky, think of the exploding ‘Supernovastars’ where the Elements came from to Create ‘All-of-us.      Celebrating the Evolution-festival’ will bring all Human-cultures together;  then we will no-longer be SEPARATED into different GROUPS of people, by these illegal ‘out-of-date’ hypnosis-prayers, religious-laws, and rituals;  Remember!  We are all walking on Sacred Ground Earth, “Our Home;”  Yes, it is very-very important, for-all-of-us-to-learn, understand and remember why;  religious god-preachers who have no respect, and admiration for ALL Children, will illegally preach the concept of the word ‘GOD’ “As a LIVING-THING,” denying those Children, “Human-evolution Education.

Step 40:  The definition of kindness is,  “RESPECT”  for experts in Science and other People, who put real Science first during the past 800-years;  because this intelligence has now constructed a path-way for all Human-kind to go forward, (in a common direction) by Educating all Children to experience the Fun, Love, Peace and Happiness, in the Scientific true-stories about the great adventures of Human-evolution;  then all Children from every Culture on Earth which we all love dearly, will share their excitement in knowing who they are, and how they Evolved;  inspiring them to venture out to explore the Universal law of Evolution, and participate in uniting all Human-kind to build a ‘Cooperative Harmonious Culture, using Legal-action for Security, to be comfortable;  “EXPLORING OUR UNIVERSE TOGETHER.     

022 (1).JPGAuthor: Mr Kevin Edwards,  Public-scientist.

Copyright ©: Mr Kevin Edwards, Rockhampton QLD Australia. March 16, 2013.  

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